About David Chasse

David Chasse is a Man of Many Talents

When David Chasse attempts to count the many achievements that he had made during his life, he finds that it takes some time to think about it all.

When he graduated high school, he knew that he wanted to change the world but he wasn’t quite sure how. In the end, he decided that he wanted to do that in as many ways as possible.

The first way that he wanted to change the world is was by fighting for the country that he loved so much, so he joined the armed services.

The Military Life

When David Chasse entered the armed services, it was no secret that he was a wee bit scared, why wouldn’t he be? No one joins the armed forces without the smallest bit of apprehension

Still, he found a way to thrive. Within months he was moving up the ranks and showing his group what it takes to be a proud soldier. He saw a lot of things during that time and most of it was not too pretty but one thing he did take away was the value of hard work.

David Chasse Hard Work Pays Off

Once he was out of the services and became a proud veteran, he knew that he wanted to find a second way to change the world, and that was by starting a business that would bring joy to people.

But what kind of business could David Chasse start that could change the world and make people happy? Then it came to him, he had to do something related to birthdays.

Everyone loves their birthday so why not find a way to make a business that would make some money while also celebrating what people love most. It was then that The Birthday Company was born.