You have David Chasse Questions?

We have David Chasse Answers!

Welcome to the David Chasse FAQ page. This is a space where you can learn everything about me and The Birthday Company. Whenever I am at events, I am always having people come up to me to ask their David Chasse Questions.

I love answering these questions but I have also noticed that I start getting the same questions all the time. That is when I decided to start this page with the most commonly asked questions.

Check out below to see if any of your questions are there.

Q. What kind of positive feedback have you received about The Birthday Company?

A. Oh, I have heard all kinds of great things about people who have used the Birthday Company and had great results. The best part about using the system is when you have business clients that you want to keep.

When my past clients have used the system that has noticed that their business partners are so much happier, especially when they get a birthday card on their birthday!

Many companies have been saved and business mergers have been made thanks to The Birthday Company.

Q. You get so many David Chasse questions! How do you find the time?

A. That’s for sure! Everywhere I go I am constantly getting barraged with questions about my business. The best way that I handle it is by getting all of the answers out when I can during my business hours.

It is important to budget out your time so that you can separate work from free time so you can keep your sanity!

Q. What is your favorite holiday?

A. Ah, one of the most commonly David Chasse questions! My favorite holiday is Flag Day because that is one of the most surprising days of the year to get a card!